Pramukh IME for Telugu Typing

Hello all, Today we are providing you new software PramukhIME for telugu typing, which was submitted by one of our site visitor “Mahesh”.

After looking into this software we found its very useful and lite too. Lite in the sense for downloading and for typing too. Simply download it on your desktop. And start using it. By using this PramukhIME virtually you can type anywhere. From word pad, excel, ms-word, powerpoint, while writing new emails in telugu etc etc. We are providing you scree shot tutorial and step by step procedure to use this lite and nice software which was created by

Step to install this IME on your computer.

1) Download PramukhIME (500kb)
2) Unzip this package on to your computer say on desktop or on “C” or “D” drive or in my documents. Its your choice.
3) Now simply click on PramukhIME.exe and start Pramukh IME.
4) You will see small icon on right side of your desktop (notification area).
5) Now right click on that icon and select Telugu option.

Pramukh IME telugu typing software

6) Open your favorite word processor and start typing in Telugu.

Pramukh IME telugu typing software

If you cant type even following all these instruction. Read “PramukhIME.chm” help file which have in detail documentation. That’s plus point of developer as he have covered help documentation too.

We hope this PramukhIME will help you for your telugu typing experience. Keep this on your pendrive and start typing in telugu any where,any time. No need of installation.

Leave your feedback and question and reviews about this post and software.

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11 Responses to “Pramukh IME for Telugu Typing”

  1. suresh Says:

    I need telugu typing very much so please help me

  2. suresh Says:

    naku telugu rayadam nerpu

  3. Jahangir Basha Says:

    బహు బాగుగానున్నది

  4. dinesh Says:

    aaa androDa

  5. Vijaykumar Says:

    నేను తెలుగు లో పిజాజ్ లో టైపు చెయ్యలుకుంటున్నాను
    కానీ వీలవటం లేదు సహాయం చెయ్యగలరు.

  6. srinivasulu Says:

    good chala bagunndi

  7. vijay Says:


  8. neel Says:

    nenu naa koduku

  9. cvsr Says:

    super help

  10. గిరీష్ చుక్కా Says:


  11. nandini Says:

    how to write telugu

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